Penny Stocks – Are They a Smart Investing Option?

Net Penny Stocks – Are They a Smart Investment?

Much has changed in the last 30 years of investing and with today’s online brokers and instant internet market tracking, anyone can participate in the ebb and flow of the stock market and Investors now have more opportunity to jump in a new type of no risk Investing known as Net Penny Stocks.

Of course, this makes very little sense if you put the last decade into context. As of this writing, the S&P 500 is down 20.5% over that period, while the Dow dropped nearly 10%. That doesn’t sound like smart investing to me.

I’m telling you from my experience that I literally tried every one of the older schemes, after losing my FT job due to downsizing. Sure, I worked a year before that, but after, no one else was hiring in my area, and I couldn’t afford to leave town to get a job.

Luckily, for the unemployment checks I was barely able to keep my house. I needed to find a REAL way to make additional income somehow. After trying countless ways to find money making programs that wasn’t a scam on the internet I gave up until one of my friends told me about Net Penny Stocks. I recalled hearing of the website before; nevertheless, he then proceeded to his Net Penny Stocks Dashboard to show me the income.

I then opened an Alertpay Account, although there was a PayPal option, I funded $20.00 to it, signed up with Net Penny Stocks, then made 5 initial $1.95 deposits. The first week, I made $12 back, and it near doubled each week as I used some, though not all, of my account credits to continue investing. In a short time, I earned almost what I did at my full time job.

Keys to Success

I would like to point out a few important keys to success that I encountered when investing in this program these are important and will save you a lot of money and answer many questions you can’t find on the internet so please read on…

Firstly, when you make your 1st investment of $1.95 don’t expect the income right away as the website seems to claim, it takes time and effort and may seem misleading and cry SCAM but don’t worry it’s not, they are legit and pay you every week and been paying for almost 4 years and is now just getting popular.

Okay, you made your first solo investment so what do you get? What you get is about.30 cents back instantly and a link to promote and for each $1.95 you invest here’s the deal… promote that link sign on at least 3 active members from that link before investing anymore solos you will earn money on their investments when they do the same.

Making You First Bulk Purchase

Now with the income you earned your next step is to re-invest by buying a Bulk purchase as this is where you really start adding to your income in addition, you will be added to their total Matrix system where you earn from the total money NPS receives it works on a percentage basis that said the more successful you are the higher your return rate keep in mind you MUST follow their 3 steps to your success and you will be tracked along the way.

Follow Their Plan

Here are the steps for a 100% success at net penny… Make 125 solo’s you can buy the for $1.95 ea. or you can purchase a Multi option which is a better deal as you get Solo’s and Bulks at a better discount but keep in mind your goal is make sure you promote 3 people for every solo so when you buy a Multi you’re going to end up with more solo’s which is okay if you’re going to fill them!

Okay next… try to achieve 125 bulk purchases THAT takes time and a lot of cash as you would want to buy them with your affiliate’s money unless you have deep pockets! Whatever on how you may invest you will be paid for your success so take your time and don’t get carried away and expect a lot to happen as what you may think the website claims. NPS never gives a time on your success it’s up to you to make that $5,000 a week to happen.

Lastly, Your next step is the important one of them all promote and encourage your downline You bought them links now use them and become active and you will succeed.

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How to Create More Options For Saving on Insurance For Your Florida Coastal Home

Let’s face it. Finding affordable Florida home insurance is always a challenge in most parts of the state. Especially since most national companies no longer write homeowners insurance policies here. At the present time only 40 companies out of over 400 companies licensed to write home insurance are still writing new business in Florida.

If your home is located in a Southern Florida coastal county, it is even harder for you to find coverage. Most southern coastal counties have about 25 companies on average that are actively writing new business – and the closer your home is to the water, the number of companies that are willing to cover your home drops off dramatically.

Many Florida coastal homes end up seeking coverage with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation where they are subject to higher premiums and special assessments. However, just because your home is located in a Florida coastal area doesn’t always mean you have to pay more for insurance. There are lower cost options to insure your Florida coastal home if you know where to look.

While there are many factors that can affect your ability to find insurance for your Florida coastal home including its age and construction materials, the two main considerations are whether your home is located in the Citizens Wind Pool and the underwriting guidelines being used by private Florida home insurance companies for coastal homes.

The Citizens Wind Pool refers to the coastal areas across the State of Florida where homeowners are eligible to get a policy from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (the state run insurance company) that specifically covers wind damage. Homeowners located in the Citizen Wind Pool end up with two policies covering their home: one from Citizens Insurance that covers wind damage and another from a private homeowners insurance company that covers losses from other risks such as fire. In general, the Citizen Wind Pool includes the areas up to 1000 feet inland from the Florida coast in most counties along with the barrier islands. It is slightly bigger in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties where it includes the area from the coast all the way inland to Interstate 95.

Florida home insurance companies generally state their restrictions on how close a Florida home can be located to the coast based on the following:

Whether or not the home is located in the Citizens Wind Pool

A specific distance (stated in either feet or miles) that the home must be away from the coast

A limit on how old the home can be if coverage is being offered for homes close to the coast

At the present time, most Florida home insurance companies are not offering coverage with wind in the Citizens Wind Pool – however a very limited number will if the home is 20 years old or newer.

Florida homeowners insurance companies that won’t cover homes on the coast currently have restrictions that range from 1000 feet all the way to 2 miles or greater from the coast.

Given the current availability of home insurance in Florida, it is still possible for many owners of Florida coastal homes to find private homeowners insurance in Florida – and at an affordable price.

Here are some things you can do to give your Florida coastal home the best chance at affordable home insurance:

Make sure your home has hurricane shutters. The small group of Florida insurance companies that cover coastal homes will require that your home has shutters.

When you are shopping for Florida home insurance, it is essential that you work with more than one independent insurance agent – not just one. Why? Because at this time, out of the 40 Florida home insurance companies still writing new business, very few will write coverage in the Citizens Wind Pool or homes close to the coast. Using more than one agent will give you your best opportunity to get quotes from all of the Florida home insurance companies that are still willing to cover coastal homes. If you miss even one of these companies you could end up paying thousands more for Florida home insurance.

If the policy on your Florida coastal home is canceled by an insurance company that only works with captive agents that only represent that company, an independent agent will be able to present you with more options for covering your home. You should expect the captive agent to discourage you from contacting an independent agent in order to get more quotes on your coastal home. Don’t fall victim to this. Seek out an independent insurance agent and exhaust all of your options before allowing your home to be covered by Citizens.

If you follow the steps above, you will give yourself the most options for saving money on insurance for your Florida coastal home.

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MBA Financing Options Currently Available

If you are planning to undertake a program of study such as a master’s of business administration degree, an important consideration will be the expense that is incurred. Understanding MBA financing is essential if you do not want to end up worrying about the outlay on a constant basis.

The cost of the program will primarily depend upon the business school that is chosen. There is the possibility of enrolling on a course for less than $10,000 per year, though at this price it is unlikely that the institute would be of a prestigious nature. The average cost for a master’s of business administration in 2009 stood at $40,000 per year, this is in fact much higher than the median salary in the country. Understand that the higher the cost, the more weight the certification is likely to hold in the eyes of employers.

To finance your MBA program, you may need to research various funding sources. There is the option of using your own personal money if you have enough capital, though this may not be a wise choice. There are various bank loans available to individuals wishing to partake of higher studies, student loans have a preferable interest rate as compared to ordinary loans.

If you are already in employment, there is a chance that your company may sponsor your studies. This would depend upon whether you continue to work during the time in which you are taking the MBA, and also how long you have been with the employer. As the benefits of acquiring a master’s degree in business administration are huge, many employers may be willing to help out with the financial costs.

It is possible to apply for a scholarship from various bodies to help meet the expense of your studies. Governments, private organizations, and even the business school or college you apply to may be able to offer financial assistance. To receive a scholarship or bursary you would need to have an outstanding academic background and give proof of your ability to graduate from the program with the best possible grades.

Enrolling for an MBA program is not a decision to be taken lightly. You will need to research the syllabus that is offered, the prestige of the school, and have a clear understanding of how you will pursue MBA financing to support yourself. Upon graduation, the financial rewards that are on offer will make up for any hardship that was felt during the period of study.

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Why Blogging Can Boost Your Business to Greater Success

There are many ways to make your business known, but one of the best and cheapest has to be through blogging. Creating and maintaining a quality business blog puts a lot of power into your business’ ability to be found and to compete. You can almost be sure that other businesses in your field already have a blog and that they are increasing their market share through it.

Getting your business found and known online will certainly boost your company’s bottom line – if it is done correctly. By now, blogging has been proven to be a consistently powerful marketing tool that every business can use, and can profit from. You have certainly noticed that all major corporations and personalities are using blogging very successfully, and you can anticipate that they will continue to do so.

Here are five powerful reasons why you should start a business blog yesterday if you do not already have one:

1. Greater Recognition

If you are a company that is still rather new and relatively unknown, you certainly can benefit by having a blog. A growing number of people today are using the Internet to find the products they are looking for, and often will perform price comparisons and possibly even product reviews before buying.

By having an active blog, you can be found easily, and more people will find you. It is even possible that someone in your area does not yet even know you exist and will be glad to discover your location! Your blog posts could actually convince that prospect to either call or stop by – depending on your services or products.

2. Greater Credibility

In addition to enabling people to find your business, you can also give people a greater comfort level of doing business with you – simply by reading your blog posts. They can hear your “voice”, see your picture, understand your professionalism, and learn about your services. From what they read, they will determine that you are friendly, genuinely willing to help, and have good prices and service!

3. Greater Traffic

Business blogging will also bring targeted traffic to your website, and as you know, this could easily mean increased profit. It will be important to post often, though, in order to grow and maintain your traffic levels. By combining blogging with social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other ones, you will have an even greater means to develop traffic faster.

If the right keywords are used, you can increase traffic tremendously and rather quickly. The search engines love blogs because of the constant new content on them. You could use your blog as a stand-alone traffic generating tool, or you could use it to bring traffic to your website.

4. Greater Interaction

A business blog also gives you the power to interact with your customers and potential ones. Not only can you use your blog to gather names and emails for your newsletter, but you can also receive comments and answer them, too. It will let you interact quickly, too, in case there are problems.

5. Greater PR

Another tremendous benefit of having a business blog is that it gives you both a following and a tool to advertise all your new products to. You can even give special offers to those who buy your new products online – and at no additional cost to you! A blog also permits you to post any news there is about your company, enabling you to loyal customers.

Building a quality business blog can move your company to the next level if you get started right away. There is no time to lose. As traffic increases, your bottom line is apt to grow, too, and it lays the foundation to do even greater business in the future.

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